Tan hands began operating in Carlingford court in 2009. It had been just a catchy business title for its previous 8 years, but it does encapsulate my vision of physiotherapy. That is physiotherapy with a focus on hands … Not treating hands but USING my hands. Massage, manual therapy, fascial releases, mobilisation etc was and still is my passion. This passion has seen me choose to work in clinics that had equally passionate therapists to learn and develop with.

The Carlingford practice has allowed me an opportunity to work and service a diverse community that I know well from living in for more than 20 years. It has also been a privelidge to work with and learn from similarly committed physios. All our physios commit to participating in weekly inservices, regular evaluation of their treatments and continuing to develop their clinical skills through formal training and courses. Continual learning and improvement is part of our ethos.

My passion is for patients of this practice to experience a friendly professional environment where they can experience good old fashioned service – a clinic where we actually listen to you and place our hands on you to assess and treat your condition – coupled with all the modern benefits of technology. We hope you appreciate being able to find us on the web, our clinic easy to locate and recommend to friends, the convenience of online bookings, Hicaps facilities and SMS or email reminders.

Derek Tan