Clinic Update Jun 20

Early this year, when news reports started coming back about the new virus that was affecting people in China, I, like most people didn’t foresee what would unfold this year.

As the virus spread, and the news continued to confirm the number of cases and what was happening in other places around the world – Italy, Spain, the cruise ships, the pictures of the overwhelmed hospital systems, the worn out frontline workers – it took a while to realise what that would mean for Australia and for life here.

The shutdowns came thick and fast, as did the press conferences – 1 day the PM was still going to the NRL, the next day it felt like all sports (and the world) suddenly stopped. Life suddenly become about – quarrantines, grounded flights, social isolation, working from home, empty public transport, mortgage repayment holidays, quiet traffic and closed cafes and shops.

These changes to our lives have been difficult for most people – with the bad, it has also brought time to reflect, and to consider life, and to evaluate how things are travelling. A difficult decision was made at the end of April to let Cliff go.

Cliff has been a steady hand in our practice for the past 7 years and has been an integral part of the growth of the clinic – in both size and maturity – as he has helped oversee our clinic, and worked to train and develop the other staff. We want to wish him and his young family the best of luck in all his future endeavours, and a sincere thanks from all the patients and staff that he’s worked with over the years.

Change is difficult, and its especially hard in this current environment where so many changes have been thrust open us, and we are left to try to plan around that, and work out how to keep moving forwards. But overall, I can’t help but feel blessed to be living in Australia. Let me offer up a prayer for this broken world we live in, for safety through the next stages of our unwinding, to put our trust in our governments, and for those governments to lead with wisdom and care. Most of all we offer up our prayers to our creator who is loving and watching and knows all that is happening here on Earth.

Stay Safe

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