Clinic Update Nov 20

A year of disruptions!

It feels a bit like a broken record saying how this has been “an unprecedented year” or “these unusual times”, but at the same time – it is an accurate description of what has happened this year and what everyone is going through. Overseas holidays have been replaced by trips to regional NSW (not even interstate!) , singing in church is banned, weddings have just the bridal party dancing only, and hand shakes and high fives have been replaced by fist and elbow bumps! Not to mention all the changes for workplaces, our home lives, going out, and the viability and cost of big office workspaces.

It’s taken a while to orientate to what world and life we are inhabiting. As a business, we are challenged to think through – What has changed, what remains the same, how can we continue to serve our customers /staff/ referrers in the best way possible?

We have been fortunate to be in NSW, and fortunate that our business has recovered well since April when things looked at their bleakest. Our clinic is as busy as we have ever been, and we are continuing to spend considerable time on our inhouse training and systems to best support our staff and provide the best service for our patients. We want to continue giving back to the profession by taking on University students.

A couple of other changes – we are shifting from November to private billing of EPC patients on a Saturday. Doing so will allow us as a clinic to balance out the patient load as evenly as possible, and to continue to provide enough options for patients whatever their situation may be.

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