Updated – 19th July 2021

Re: Recent changes at Carlingford Court

With the tighter restrictions, Carlingford Court has also made a few changes.

  • The split-level carpark that is closest to the entrance of the Medical Centre has been closed for the next 2 weeks.
  • The top two levels of the multi-level carpark that is closest to Target has been closed for the next 2 weeks.
  • The escalators outside Target have been sealed off, you will need to use the escalators located near the food court to get to Level 1.

You will notice that many shops are closed especially on Level 1. We just want to re-iterate that both our clinics are still open while following current NSW Health advice.

If you are feeling unwell, please call us on 9872 8155 or 9873 3888 to reschedule.

We will continue to update you on any changes that happen at our clinic.

Thank you for your attention and stay safe!

Tan Hands Physio


Updated – 13th July 2021

re: Recent Covid-19 case at Carlingford Court

We were notified on Thursday 13/7/21 that there was one positive case in Carlingford Court Shopping center for a two-hour period on Wednesday afternoon. As per Public Health Orders, all our staff who were working in that time frame were tested on Friday 14/7/21 and isolated – they all subsequently received negative results, before returning to work from Saturday 15th July.

We are still open and available for appointments. As per the previous lockdown, we will aim to be open throughout this current lockdown.

Current NSW Health advice is that essential work continues with QR code check-ins in place for all businesses. Both medical centers in which we operate have QR code scanning in place and the receptionists are screening for anyone with symptoms. All patients are being requested to wait outside rather than in the waiting room at this stage.

If you are feeling unwell, please call us on 9872 8155 or 9873 3888 to reschedule.
Thank you for your attention. Stay safe!

Tan Hands Physio


COVID-19 Update: 28/6/21

Life is once again disrupted with the recent lockdown in NSW.

Are we still open?

Yes! Both of our clinics are still open, however you might notice our available hours being different from usual. This may be subject to further change.

Current health advice from NSW Government is that people may leave their homes for medical care which includes physiotherapy. Link:

Is it still safe to come to physio?

Continuing on and improving from the last year of living with COVID-19 in our midst, we are making it as safe as possible for both our staff and patients.

  1. All our physios have been required to participate in a COVID-19 Infection Control Training module organised by the Department of Health and Aspen Medical.
  2. Strict hand hygiene policies continue at work to reduce spread of the virus
  3. Regular wiping down of hard surfaces to reduce contamination
  4. Any patients or staff showing flu-like symptoms are required to stay at home
  5. Masks are mandatory for staff and patients and are available in the clinic
  6. Patients can choose to wait outside the medical centre after arriving for their appointment and be called in when the physio is ready.

We request that if you are experiencing any symptoms related to COVID-19 to please stay at home and reschedule your appointment. If necessary, please contact your local GP.

As indicated by the Public Health Order we will continue to monitor the evolving situation on the NSW Health website.