New additions

Just a quick update to let people know that on the March 18th 2016, a new baby girl was brought into our lives.

Taylor Tan – weighing 3.1kg – a relatively smooth birth.

It’s been a busy time in her (and our) life, trying to find her way in this big world. But she has her sisters, their toys, and her mummy and daddy to help show her the way. We thank God for a healthy baby and for the smooth, relatively painless delivery of her.

This a sleepy Taylor, about 13 hours old:

DSC_3809 (Large)

The other new addition is Manfred Kwok, a physiotherapist working with us part time, who started with us in February of this year. Manfred has had experience working at Auburn hospital and Rhodes in a private practice, and he started his career observing yours truly when he was just finishing¬†year 12. Needless to say Manfred is looking forward to helping you with any complaints you may have. He is covering Wednesday’s and Saturdays.

I will be on leave, returning the 4th April. I hopefully will come back (a little) rested!


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