Clinic Update March 2015

A few changes, and a short tribute:

– in February, Adrian Cheuk joined our team of physiotherapists. Adrian has had experience working in Hornsby, and recently assisted with the Australian Underwater Hockey championships. Underwater hockey you say? you’ll have to ask Adrian about that the next time you see him! We are very glad to have Adrian as part of our team.


– In March, Natalie Frizzell left us for a job opportunity in the Northern Beaches. She will progress in her ambition to get into the sports physiotherapy field, with a clinic that travels and treats daredevil motorbikers. We wish Natalie all the best, and thank her for her time helping our clients and contributing to the team at Carlingford.


– in March, a friend and patient of the clinic, passed away due to cancer. It was a shock to see how fast things progressed, as I treated her all the way up to her diagnosis, and 4 months later she had passed away. She was an amazing, Godly woman, whose memorial was really touching and a great, uplifting testament to her life. Rest in peace, Felicity. If you are interested, you can follow her journey here.





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