One of our great opportunities during this period of COVID-19 has been to pivot our business to develop some tools and resources that would be of benefit to our community.

Our staff – (mostly Manfred!) – have been hard at work – filming, documenting, editing exercise videos for your viewing pleasure. It’s a project that we believe will have heaps of value – structured clinical exercise that aren’t readily available and freely on the web. I hope that it ends up being a great way for people to remember what exercises were prescribed, and also to see them being done – with Manfred’s soothing voice also!

Our youtube channel link is: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO3pUjmr1W9M40LnMfetUrg

Hopefully we will be able to continue to add more videos over the coming weeks – and feel free to send us feedback on the youtube channel or via our email address – reception@tanhands.com.au if you had any feedback or requests.

Other helpful links:

Angela has put together a number of helpful information sheets for those looking to setup their home workstationshttps://tanhands.com.au/workstation-setup/

My previous boss Antony Lo runs a website called the physiodetective.com. Back in 2012 I helped him with a blog post