Telehealth appointments

What is telehealth?

Telehealth is an option for having a virtual treatment session with one of our physios via your mobile or pc from home. It is particularly useful for people who are unable to leave their house, or are worried about having a face-to-face treatment session due to the current COVID-19 situation.

How does it work?

  • Connect via phone/video with one of our physios at your scheduled appointment time.
  • Our physios can
    • Assess your condition
    • Provide you with a diagnosis
    • Prescribe a rehabilitation and exercise program to help you manage your condition
    • Education on your injury and what activities to modify or avoid
    • Recommend self-treatment techniques

What conditions can a physio treat over telehealth?

One of our regular clients was seen with a recent flare up of her back pain since her work transitioned to full time working from home.  Over telehealth, our physiotherapist was able to discuss the potential causes of her back pain, check her work setup, advise her on self management strategies, and stretches. We also discussed that her new exercise routine and awkward yoga positions may have contributed to the onset of pain!

Telehealth can be an appropriate treatment for many musculoskeletal injuries, but it seems to best suited for rehabilitation, diagnosing and assessing injuries, vertigo treatment, and exercise advice.

Here is another patient working through her strengthening rehabilitation program and being guided along by one of our other physios.

Feel free to ask our physios about if this would be suitable for you!

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