Mortgage Broking

Looking for a mortgage broker? Funnily enough, you haven’t come to the wrong place – please read on.

In 2015, I completed a Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management. I had begun this course work in 2014 part time while working full time at Carlingford.

My father had been in the mortgage broking business for over 15 years, and as he neared 70 he was talking more and more of retirement. As my other siblings had decided that mortgage broking was not for them, it was left to me to (dutifully) help carry the business on.

It’s been quite a ride, and quite a time to jump into mortgage broking. The industry has certainly changed a lot when I talk to my Dad about his experiences in broking, especially so with the recent Hayne Commission and the changes all banks have made with the way that applications are assessed and approved.

In 2017, with things busier than ever at home, and with my Dad having now been talking about needing to retire for about 5 years, I stopped working at the Carlingford clinic to focus on doing more mortgage broking. It was a great time to do it, and a perfect time with my wife back at work and the kids needing Dad around a bit more. I’m proud to say that the physio team at Carlingford did a great job in looking after the patients and clinics during this period.

What I’ve discovered is that the financial sector and the health sector share many things in common – they both need passionate, well informed communicators to help you negotiate the minefields of information and options out there. Only by having the right information and knowledge, with a person that has your best interests at heart, can you be left to make the best choice. In both industries, customers demand great service.

So whether you are an existing patient thats stumbled across this page, or if you went searching for a mortgage broker, and google sent you here! – let me assure you, you have definitely come to the right place. I’d love to be able to fix up your your back pain AND organise a home loan for you! (maybe at the same time!)


MFAA Accredited Mortgage Consultant

May 2019