November Update

Hi everyone

I hope things are well in your lives. Just a quick update about me – life as a mortgage broker/physio/at home Dad continues to grow on me. It was roughly February this year when I started really considering working more seriously alongside my Dad, and possibly reducing my physio patient load. The first 6 months were difficult, and both busy busy busy (in terms of things to do and sort out) and slow (in terms of real broking work).

The last 3 months it feels like things are slowly starting to fall into place.  I have a lot of sympathy for those trying to work out of home with kids around – it’s very tempting to only work when the kids are asleep cause of the chaos when you try to sit down for 30 mins. I can feel myself slowly morphing into an office worker … for better or worse!

I’ve still been treating patients, but I miss the clinic routine – I miss seeing patients, I miss being on my feet all day, the buzz and tiredness that comes after a hard, busy day of work – full of so many people’s lives and stories. I miss the satisfaction that comes from assessing and treating the wonderful, beautiful, complex human body (and of course inflicting a bit of pain!).

So, with Manfred away for the next few weekends (enjoying some well earned annual leave), I’ll be back around the clinic a bit more – Saturdays (9-12), and a few Monday and Wed afternoons (2-5pm) over the next 3+ weeks from 18th Nov to the 9th Dec. The plan is still to see how things re-balance in early 2018 before I can confirm the days/times that I’ll return to physio work at Carlingford.

Come see me if those times work out well, it’s always great to catch up and see how you are all getting along! And while you are getting your back or neck etc seen to – would you like a home loan with that?



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