The last six months of work/life has been hectic! Adding another child into the household has taken some time to adjust to – with so many new demands it’s been quite a task to get time to myself – let alone keep up with all the day to day jobs. It’s definitely been a juggle, and as a parent of young kids, I’ve come to accept that you’re going to have a lot of balls in the air, and some are going to hit the ground; but you’ve got to try to stay on top of the essentials, and manage the rest and plow along regardless of how many balls fall!


And as with raising kids, when I think of core stability – I think less of planking, and building “rock hard abs” – and more about a system that adapts in optimal ways to the demands placed upon it. With kids, you feed them, bathe them, make sure they get to school and bed on time, and you can’t worry about the mess taking over the house, or the odd spilled milk.

With our bodies, it’s not about staying completely rigid and erect in your spine; what’s more important is that when new or increased demands are placed on your body, that you can adapt to that and cope with it. And to do that, you need a balance of strength between small deep muscles, and large superficial muscles and the co-ordination to use them well. This is what our physios can help guide you through.

In our clinic, we have been fortunate to have had stability in our staff personnel. Manfred joined our team in February this year, and our existing physio staff have already been working for multiple years at Carlingford. Stability and consistency of our service is important, and having the same staff in place means we can make stability a feature of our service. We look forward to continuing to build on this “foundation”

Thanks for your continued support, and as always take care everyone


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